What is Green IT and Why Is It Important?

By Tricostar:

While it is a relatively new phenomenon, good businesses and organizations are taking both environmentalism and sustainability into account when developing all of their management strategies. Despite this, because this way of thinking is still quite new, businesses are finding it a challenge to properly incorporate these issues into their strategies and many more are struggling to open their eyes to the benefits.

Considering sustainability when strategizing and planning an IT infrastructure can seem quite confusing at first but it simply adds an extra viewpoint to its management. The reason it seems confusing is that an IT infrastructure obviously consumes large amounts of electricity and as the rise in demand for extra technology increases, so does the carbon footprint for IT-based systems.

Preston F. Marshall in “Evolving Communications Architectures: More Local Is More Green” (Springer, 2011) says that this is caused by advances in technology that solve previous design constraints in thermal management, allowing newer devices to increase their demand for energy as a result… Read more


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