34 Social Media Truths in a Nut Shell

By Pam Moore , Sociable360:

The Social Media Truth series is based on a keynote presentation I did at the Rochester Institute of Technology last year. I have been writing on the core concepts since then and it has served as a foundation for much discussion. I used the content as a test project to practice what I preach, build and execute an integrated plan around one solid piece of content.
The return on investment (ROI) on doing such has been high and something I will do again. Below I share a few of the statistics and approach I took on the project and leveraging of one slide deck to help meet business goals for a year.
As I bring the series to a close to work on the next similar segment I want to share all 34 of the social media truths as originally written.
The marketing nut community and loyal followers will probably see many familiar quotes and concepts. I hope they have inspired you, educated you and provided you value over the months we have discussed and debated them! I look forward to many more great conversations and debates in the coming months!

This post includes the following: 

  • Snapshot of approach used to leverage content of one presentation deck for one year as part of an integrated marketing program… Read more

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