What Social Media Can’t Do…

By Stanford Smith, Grow:

We exchanged business cards, offered the obligatory “love your card” compliments, and sat down at the wobbly coffee shop table.

A week earlier, the business owner sent a friendly email asking for a “pick my brain” session.  Reluctantly I agreed to dispense advice in exchange for a $3.00 cup of coffee.  Ten minutes into our conversation, I realized that I should’ve charged!

My “client’s” business was teetering on insolvency. He had spent thousands on marketing and he still had a backroom full of inventory he couldn’t give away.  I listened to him list dozens of reasons why his sure-fire business hadn’t gained any traction: the economy, dumb customers, bad employees, the weather.  Everything had conspired to turn his dream into another failed business statistic.

But, he had one more idea.  A “Hail-Mary pass” that would save his business. He would “do some social media.”

That’s why he had made his smart $3.00 investment in our meeting.  I had a feeling he would be dumping the coffee in my lap before our time was up… Read more


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