The Future of Ad Tech? Look at What’s Happened to Financial Markets

By  Andrew Nibley, Ad Age:

If you want to see the future of the ad-tech industry, look to the history of the financial- services industry.

Not so long ago, in the 1980s, financial markets were pretty much opaque. Very little information was shared openly and deals were largely based on cozy relationships between buyers and sellers.

Most deals were conducted by phone or by fax. Some deals were hatched at lunch with free-flowing wine. Country-club games like golf and tennis also provided backdrops for relationships that translated into strong trading partnerships.

Electronic financial information services began to change that by wiring up the various players in the market, providing them with data they never had before. It started with pricing data, where market participants began to share information with one another for the overall benefit and efficiency of the market.

Next, news and information that could move and influence those prices was layered on. Eventually, analytics that could help decipher and predict trends and patterns began to emerge on traders’ terminals. Companies like Bloomberg and Reuters — firms that developed financial news, analytics and transactional products –made a fortune… Read more


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