The benefits of responding to customers on social media

By Kelsey Cox , Healthcare Communication News:

Are your executives or clients wary about investing in social media? This infographic shows the power—and return on investment—of engaging with people online.

Sure, social media’s novelty has worn off a bit, and it seems that everyone from your boss to your grandmother is checking in on Facebook these days.

However, for many top-level executives, the verdict may still be out on how social media affects their company’s bottom line.

Lucky for you—and them—there’s solid proof that social media does provide a return on investment (ROI) to consumers and businesses alike. In fact, those who actively engage consumers in conversation, respond to feedback and questions, and are socially devoted to their fan base have seen some serious perks in both marketing and sales numbers.

Demandforce and Column Five made this issue easier to understand by creating this infographic, which explores the ROI of being attentive to customers on social media, the most socially devoted industries, and some notable brands that are doing it right… Read more


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