Pentagon fighting Taliban on amicable media front

Twitter accounts or websites compared with belligerent groups typically take shortcoming for attacks possibly or not they had anything to do with them.

But many of a information they yield is possibly farfetched or false, pronounced Army Lt. Col. T.G. Taylor, a orator for U.S. Central Command.

The Pentagon has turn quicker and some-more effective during arising rebuttals by Twitter and other venues, pronounced Christopher Paul, an information operations researcher during RAND Corp.

“Insurgents have always wanted to make themselves demeanour like winners,” Paul said. “The Internet creates it a whole lot easier.”

Winning a information fight is quite critical in insurgencies, where moulding open opinion can count as most as what happens on a battlefield.

The Taliban and other belligerent groups emanate statements and video to emanate a notice of disharmony in a nation and to criticise a legitimacy of a Afghan government.

Despite a Taliban’s feeling to modernity, they have blending good to amicable media, troops officials said… Read more


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