Granny’s 50 Tips on Social Media, #Pinterest, Twitter & Content Marketing!

Wow, it’s been awhile since Granny stopped by for some good southern social media advice. For those of you who haven’t met granny, you’re in for a surprise. Word of warning, she is not shy and will tell you how it is. You can choose to agree with her or not. Either way she’ll either make ya’ laugh, cry or want to throw a vegatable of some sort at her!

With no further delay, I’ll turn it over to her.

Hi social savvy guru wanna be’s!  I know it’s been awhile folks. I’ve been busy at the farm in Mayberry. I decided it was not a priority for me to be a social media guru. All of you are already gurus so I figured I might as well just let you have your place on the stage and I’ll sit back and drink some lemonade, hang out on FourSquare and teach my local peeps to tweet.

Below are a few things I have learned the past few months while I was away. As always take em’ or leave em’, I don’t care. Some of them are old hat news as I know ya’ need to hear it 15 times before it will get into that hard head of yours. Some of the tips are new, or at least new to me!

50 Tips From Granny’s Social Heart to Yours!

1. If ya’ ain’t got nothin nice, useful or relevant to say then shut yer dang yapper… Read more


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