20 Amazing Social Media Statistics that Are Status Worthy

By Samantha Durant, Impact:

We’re sure you know how much of an impact social media plays in the average person’s life these days. Whether it’s from their phone, a tablet, or a home computer, people are constantly checking in, tweeting, liking, linking, and pinning (just to name a few).

Just see the image from our friends over at HubSpot to get an idea of what we mean.

Did you know, however, that social media also plays a big part in purchase behavior and brand awareness? It’s true! Check out the following impressive social media statistics that delve deeper into daily usage behavior and consumer-brand relationships.

Interested in using social media to increase your brand’s awareness? Contact IMPACT to find out how we can help!

20 Social Media Statistics

  1. 74% of Internet users use Facebook every day, while 35% use Twitter on a daily basis. (Tweet this Stat!)… Read more

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