Social Marketing Isn’t Just About Facebook

By Robert Hof, Forbes:

Often it seems as if the only social marketing that matters is what happens onFacebook. Given its dominance, that’s understandable. But it’s also probably wrong.

Social activity has long been embedded in most online services, from Googlesearch (based on the collective linking choices of website owners) and email to Pinterest, Twitter, and those content sharing services such as ShareThis and AddThis. And now that Facebook has created its own ad exchange, allowing advertisers to use data from elsewhere on the Web to target messages to people while they’re on Facebook, even Facebook itself is acknowledging that there’s useful data to be gleaned from off-Facebook activity.

A number of people in marketing and social services believe, in fact, that most social marketing may actually happen not on Facebook itself, but on the wider Web–or at least that that marketing will be informed by data gleaned not just from Facebook. At MediaPost’s Social Media Insider Summit today in Lake Tahoe, which I watched online, a panel of companies opined on what all that means for the future of social marketing… Read more


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