How Much Is A Like Worth? SumAll Social Metrics Tracks Social Activity Against Web Traffic And Revenue

By Technology Articles:

Data visualization company SumAll launched SumAll Social Metrics, tracking a company’s social activity against web traffic and revenue and providing insights on the company’s return on social marketing.

SumAll claims it is the first analytics tool to give users transactional, social and web traffic on a single dashboard. Users can see their full social history updated in real-time and can filter by geography and demographics or types of actions including page views and content clicks.

SumAll Social Metrics currently only integrates Facebook and Twitter accounts for social, but combines them with data from Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento.

“It’s all about having access to all your data side by side so social marketers can see the clear links between fans and followers, your website traffic and sales data,” says Dane Atkinson, SumAll’s CEO. “The new Social Metrics tool lets SumAll users see if their social traffic converts to new users and new revenue by tracking data interactions, which they can then use to make actionable insights and more profitable decisions.”

SumAll says their client Diamond Candles, which has more than 143,000 likes on Facebook, uses Social Metrics and estimates that each engagement on Facebook was worth 1 cent and every advocacy was valued at $1.07… Read more


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