Can You Hear Me Now? Facebook Searches for New Reach Metrics

By Marketing Pilgrim:

If a man stands on the corner and shouts a message through a megaphone, everyone who walks past him will hear the message. That’s reach. He talked, they heard it, but did they listen?

Let’s say he’s shouting about a sandwich deal at a local sub shop. If one person who heard him decides to eat at the sub shop instead of the pizza place next door, then we have a winner. But if 900 people walked by and still passed on eating at the sub shop was it worth the cost of the man and the megaphone? Probably not.

The trouble is, no one can predict what a crowd will do, so you put out the best pitch you can, roll with the odds and hope for the best.

The question is, how do we measure the results we get, good or bad? Do we count the 900 people who heard the message (reach) or the 1 person who bought the sandwich (conversion)… Read more


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