Are your tweets full of $#@*? You might be a psychopath

By Hamish McNicol ,

Using foul language in your tweets indicates you are a psychopath, a new study shows.

The research by London’s Online Privacy Foundation found constant swearing on Twitter revealed specific personality traits about the user.

Tweets that included the words “die”, “kill” or “bury” were also considered warning indicators.

A search of New Zealand Twitter users showed comedian Jeremy Elwood fits the bill.

Elwood has tweeted swear words, as well as both “kill” and “die”, a total of 25 times in the past six months, including a over the Auckland motorway system in May.

“Auckland? When you want to close several motorway onramps, a f***ing warning sign before the f***ing ramp itself wouldn’t f***ing kill you… Read more


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