Are social and Facebook now SEO?

By Patricio Robles, Eco-Consultancy:

There has been a lot of talk over the past several years about the intersection of search and social. Many suggest that both will inevitably merge in a meaningful way, and there’s good reason to believe they may be right.

But when it comes to SEO, just how big a role is social playing?

According to SEOmoz’s 2012 SEO Industry Survey, the biggest name in social — Facebook — has become a big focus for SEOs. As noted by MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan:

When asked which tasks SEO professionals spend time doing overall, 76% said they set up and run Facebook business pages; 74% analyze, track site speed and page-load times; 69% analyze competitors’ backlinks; 64% analyze competitors’ content; 64% set up and manage Google+ business profiles; 63% analyze data in Google Analytics; and 59% blog.

The fact that SEOs are involved in managing social networking profiles isn’t exactly surprising: the demand for assistance with social is high and SEOs are well-positioned to win this business. But SEOmoz’s numbers are also mind-boggling: when it comes to “inbound marketing focused actions”, as a percentage, more SEOs are setting up and managing Facebook Pages than looking at analytics, evaluating competitor backlinks and content, producing content or dealing with duplicate content — activities that many of us would consider even more crucial to SEO as it’s generally defined.

The lines between SEO and social media marketing are blurring

The big question: is this a good thing or a bad thing?

While there’s no doubt that Facebook — and social generally — is an important part of the online marketing mix, SEOmoz’s survey data would seem to suggest that the lines are blurring between SEO and social media… Read more


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