Twitter- Race For More Followers- Good Or Bad?

By Follow Me Back:

Are you also in the race to have more followers than others on Is it good or bad? Let us not forget that we live in an age when stress is all around us. Some amount of stress is unavoidable – we have to take it. But what about activities where stress can be avoided? Social networking sites have added stress to our life in many ways.

We want to open and view our page every day without fail. If we do not do that, it causes stress. If we post something that may not be liked by others, we are worried. That again causes stress.

We want to tell our friends about everything in our life. Is that necessary? In earlier days, you did not call your friends to tell them that you are drinking coffee, but with Twitter many people are doing exactly that. This is another stress causing factor. Rather than enjoying a sunset, you want to tell your followers that you are watching it- sad but true… Read more


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