The Social Media Interview, what employers and employees should know

By Pedram Tabibi, Resume Bear:

Imagine landing a job interview. How do you prepare yourself?  You might read about the company, prep for questions, bring your résumé and arrive on time. Then, the interviewer begins by asking for the username and password of all your social media accounts. Surprised? Don’t be. Recent employment practices show your interview starts long before you arrive; it starts online with your social media accounts. Welcome to the age of the “social media interview.”

Companies increasingly rely on social media to support their business. From advertising to customer interaction, social media is the future.  However, social media has also entered business in ways that people have yet to fully understand.  For instance, the hiring process has changed as companies increasingly rely on social media to search for potential employees. As a result, one recent employment practice has drawn attention… Read more


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