#The Rules of Social Media: Asking Me To Follow You On Twitter Guarantees I Won’t

BY Anjali Mullany, Fast Company:

How do you get someone to follow you on Twitter? Cindy Gallop, the founder of two social media-driven startups, including the recently launched MakeLoveNotPorn, shares one of her biggest Twitter turnoffs.

People are always asking entrepreneur Cindy Gallop to follow them on Twitter, but that doesn’t make her hit the “Follow” button. Gallop, whose new startup MakeLoveNotPornis a social media-driven platform that aims to fuel conversation about (and share video of) “#realworldsex,” finds Twitter begging decidedly unsexy.

In fact, it’s not easy to convince Gallop that your Twitter account is worth her attention. “I curate the people I follow very carefully,” she tells Fast Company, “to deliver a particular mix of up-to-the minute news, insight, particular industry perspectives, and entertainment value.”

Gallop often trusts the people she already follows to help her find new people to follow on Twitter. “I’m very happy with my follow feed, so right now what makes me click the follow button is discovery–coming across someone randomly because someone I follow retweeted them, and thinking, they look like they tweet interesting stuff… Read more


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