The Anatomy of a Facebook Like

They used to be called “fans,” but now they are simply Facebook users who “Like” your Facebook page. (For simplicity’s sake, I will be referring to them as fans.) But how do you get them? When a Facebook user visits your page, what they see there will convince them to Like it…or not. After all, PC Magazine posted an infographic that shows that purchase intent is increased by more than 50% when someone chooses to follow your brand in social media, and social media makes marketing efforts more effective, as well. So just what is it that turns your customers or potential customers into Facebook fans?

Social Media Today talks about how a formula to calculate customer conversion can also calculate Facebook fan conversion. It has to do with motivation, incentive, anxiety, friction, and your value proposition. There are a lot of technical things going on in there, but what it all boils do to is whether or not a user decides that what you have to offer via your Facebook page is worth their effort. What will they get out of it? And will those benefits outweigh any potential downside? Of course, on Facebook, this decision is made within a matter of seconds… Read more


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