Romney’s Social Media #Fail

By Jennifer A. Grossman:

Every time a Mitt Romney post or tweet shows up in my social media streams, I cringe. Don’t get me wrong – I support Romney, have donated (twice) to his campaign, voted for him in the primary and plan on voting for him on November 6th. I even ordered a Romney-Ryan sign for prominent display in my front yard here in uber-liberal Malibu.

So why does Romney’s social media posts make me cringe?  It’s not just their tone-deaf content – which is totally wrong for the medium, as I’ll describe later – it’s their unspoken message, which is:

“Social Media is not a priority for us – because we are out of touch and dependent on old-school political cronies.  We’re writing off the youth vote – which will be won via social media.  Instead of pouring resources into this essentially free communication medium, we’re spending cash on pricey direct mail, ad buys and staged events.  In sum, the short shrift given to social media evidences a deeper dysfunction within our campaign, and therefore, we’re likely to lose in November… Read more


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