“Not Being On Social Media Is Not An Option”, Says Harish Kumar Of Tender Leaves

By Vinaya Naidu, Business 2 Community:

Sometimes you wish to read a book but you don’t want to buy it – it’s either too expensive or there is no more space on your shelf! So you join a library but sadly they do not understand the joys of reading at leisure, forever keeping you vexed about due dates and late fees. What do you do then?

If you are in Pune, you join Tender Leaves but if you are not then you pray that Tender Leaves launches a branch in your city soon. But what is Tender Leaves? Tender Leaves is more than a Library – you choose your books from the online list and they are delivered at your doorstep for free. Whenever you finish reading them you can put them back into the Drop-box, thus indicating the delivery guys to come and take it.

And this is not all. Tender Leaves conducts workshops, story-writing contests, reading challenges, and much more exciting stuff.

But you need to know them personally before deciding to join? That’s simple too – Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and read their blog. They believe in ‘being themselves’ on social networks. Some of their current customers had been followers on social media and when they signed up as users, they felt they knew all about Tender Leaves and Tender Leaves felt they knew them too… Read more


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