Is Piracy Just Free Marketing?

By Jeff Bullas:

Pirates were vagabonds that ventured and sailed the seven seas stealing and swindling the property and possessions of others for their own good, but often with a certain and arrogant charm that propogated legends and folklore.

Their lifestyle was admired by many and copied by few and along the way they often managed to collect parrots, eye patches, strange hairstyles and occasionally attractive women and ugly men. They were often seen as the Robin Hood of the seas that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Pirates and Robin have managed to inspire tall tales and true and books, movies and songs have been inspired by their adventures and dastardly deeds.

The Author and the Publisher that Love ‘Piracy’

There is a book titled “Go the F…to Sleep” that caught my eye recently that was inspired by the authors frustration when trying to put his 2 year old daughter Vivien to bed. It is being touted as “a children’s book for adults… Read more


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