Why’s everybody so angry about Twitter — and should you care?

By Thorin Klosowski , Technolog:

People have different reasons for being upset with Twitter right now, and those reasons really depend on what type of Twitter user you are. Here are the people Twitter’s changes are going to affect the most, and why they’re angry about the new rules.

The crux of why people are upset with Twitter is pretty simple: Twitter is changing its Application Programming Interface (API)and closing off how third-party apps communicate with Twitter. For casual Twitter users, this means that Twitter controls what information apps can access on Twitter, how they access it, and how the apps shoots out the data on their ends. On the surface, the main goal is to keep Twitter clients consistent, and push ads equally throughout all of Twitter.

The Twitter developers who are worried about what the changes mean for their Business
Developers who build Twitter clients like MetroTwit or TweetBot are the most clearly affected by Twitter’s new rules. In Twitter’s new API Terms, Twitter states that Twitter clients need to keep in line with Twitter’s layout rules, which require tweets to be displayed in a single way, with all their buttons in the right places. From a visual point of view, all Twitter apps should essentially look the same. However, in a blog post back in June, Twitter also stated that developers should not, “build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.” Essentially, this means Twitter doesn’t want people building new Twitter clients… Read more


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