How Was The Twitter Hashtag Born?

By Ann Smarty , Internet Marketing Ninjas:

Social media site Twitter is known for many things. A unique live search algorithm that was the first to really utilize the concept. A format of low-word count quick thoughts great for sharing links or quickly updating friends. A place where celebrities can actually run their own social media profiles instead of relying on someone paid to do it on their behalf (often with interesting, or controversial, results).

Perhaps the most notorious element of Twitter is their hashtag system. One that has been adopted by other sites like Google+ and Pinterest. People even use it to provide context or humor on Facebook, despite the inability of the site to read it as an active link.

Hashtags have become a part of popular culture. But where did they come from? What are the origins of this clever little sorting tool that has become a social media standard?

For those who don’t know, the official father of the hashtag is Chris Messina. While you might not know who he is, there is no doubt you have used more of his creations or project results than just the hashtag…. Read more


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