7 Promotional Stunts That Work

By John Brandon, inc.com:

Looking for ways to promote your new company? Let’s face it: Some stunts are better than others. You could rent a hot-air balloon and sail across the New York skyline, but that’s a bit spendy (and possibly dangerous). Some small companies might pass out fliers on street corners, but really, who has the time?

Here are some practical tips that might prove more effective–and give you more time to do real work.

1. Use a coupon insert.

Yup, it’s an old-school tactic, but it still works. Scott Hamula, a professor of Internet marketing at Ithaca College, says one trick is to find a complementary business–if you make an app, then maybe you try a local wireless carrier store. Ask if it will stuff its bags with a coupon or add a promo code to its site for your new business. You may be surprised by how many existing companies will oblige.

2. Join a local entrepreneur competition.

Nishadha Silva, a tech evangelist for the diagramming app Creately.com, entered a competition in the early days of his start-up… Read more


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