Y Combinator Demo Day: Meet the Copycat Class

By Maeghan Ouimet, inc.com:

The Silicon Valley incubator debuted its biggest and most selective class to date. The unofficial theme: Pick a successful business model and copy it.

Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator debuted its 15th class of start-ups Tuesday at the California History Museum in Mountain View, California. Calling it “the best class yet,” founder Paul Graham noted that it was the largest to date (75 companies) and also the most selective. But the most original? Not quite. If there was one theme in this summer’s class, it was this: Find a great business model and copy it.

Here are five start-ups that took the stage Tuesday with business models you might recognize:

Vastrm: Like Warby Parker for Shirts

Founder Jonathan Tang comes from a family that has rooted itself in the textile and garment industry over multiple generations. As a result, Tang has direct access to fabrics at lower prices than even the large department stores. And those department stores have another disadvantage for customers: They offer a skewed sizing curve, he says. So a medium here isn’t always a medium there. Tang thinks he can do better… Read more


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