Confirmation Bias as the Strongest Marketing Tactic

By Adam Justice, Social Media Sun:

Have you ever wondered why social media users hold such strong opinions? This year’s Presidential election has warmed the American political landscape, almost to a boiling point. Citizens are letting their beliefs dictate their actions, turning everyone who has an opinion to become a messenger to those who lack a strong opinion.

I work with two of the most politically charged individuals that ever breathed bi-partisan air. One is decidedly a progressive Liberal, and the other is a staunch conservative. During the 2008 election I endured 2 hours per day of getting argued with over hypothetical abortion scenarios, the Pinochet regime, the environment and wealth redistribution; I spent another 2 hours getting preached at about the constitution, a myriad of failed socialist governments, the perils of too much government regulation and the right to bear arms. It ended up getting so aggravating that I moved my desk to a separate floor… Read more


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