5 Fatal Social Media Mistakes

By Martha Giffen:

Knowing what not to do on social media sites can be an important key to improving your overall social media marketing strategies.

Here are 5 fatal social media mistakes you can’t afford to make:

  • Constantly posting promotions.  We’ve all seen it and it’s not pretty.  Yes, you have something to promote and you need to, but do NOT do it all day long every day.  Doesn’t work.
  • Broadcasting instead of engaging.  When I see this, I always think of people who talk to themselves!  Just a constant chatter of what’s happening in their world with no hope of engagement.  I call them the “look-at-me” people. We see you.  Problem is, you’re not saying anything to us, not interested in us, and we tend to ignore.  Connecting is the name of the game… Read more

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