Q&A with Matt Cutts at SES San Francisco: Social rep for SEO, traffic cannibalization& Google transparency

By Brafton Editorial:

The most famous man in search delivered the opening keynote for SES San Francisco day two. Matt Cutts offered insights on Google’s shift toward the Knowledge Graph, social’s role in SEO and transparency for webmasters. He also fielded some tough questions from marketers on the rise of answers IN SERPs and how this could steal traffic from sites.

One of the key focuses for Google is moving away from being a search engine and toward becoming a knowledge engine. Cutts emphasized the Knowledge Graph has an increasingly important role in Google search (and some marketers were not pleased!) Check out Brafton’s coverage of the full Q&A session:

Question 1 (from an SES San Francisco attendee): Is there a plan to improve the technology to focus less on content to understand a company’s quality in terms of products and services?
Answer (from Matt Cutts):

Social will become an increasingly important way to get an understanding of what is the best quality. Links will always be part of that for Google, but Panda and Penguin will get more refined. Marketers and webmasters ask, “When’s the next Penguin update?” and maybe they shouldn’t seem excited. The Penguin updates will cause some SERP flux… Read more


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