Is Content Marketing the Hot New Trend? – Infographic

By Jeff Bullas,

It was in 2008 that I realised the power of creating and marketing unique content to pull people to your website and blog.

That was one of the primary reasons I started

I discovered this when I stumbled upon Hubspot, a company that was one of the early innovators of content marketing. Their marketing was refreshing change to “old school” marketing and was based upon creating attention through attraction with blog articles and free ebooks.

It was  the dawn of “pull marketing”  or “inbound marketing” rather than push strategies such as telemarketing and direct mail.

Fast forward to 2012 and it appears that there is a growing groundswell of  activity and interest in content marketing is racheting up.

This momentum is not only for B2B but B2C is starting to adopt this marketing philosophy and  Coca Cola has created a brand new marketing strategy based upon this emerging trend… Read more


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