Five Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Their Social Media Marketing

By Hannah Du Plessis,

Are you just posting links and videos to your social media platforms? Or are you working according to a plan? Here are some mistakes you may be making that will hinder your success:

1)    Unrealistic expectations

You may have heard from others how fantastic Social Media is and how much success they’re having. You may also have had some success yourself. Now you’re thinking that Social Media Marketing is the only way to go, and now this is the only marketing you’re doing. You’re doing it all yourself and you expect miraculous results.

Getting it right is a science and not luck. Social media marketing is definitely not a quick fix. It takes time to build your followers and to change them into raving fans. It requires daily interaction and engagement with your fans. You can’t “set and forget.”

2)    Spending all the time promoting yourself and not building relationships

It is a serious mistake to promote yourself too much… Read more


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