Twitter Tips: A Beginner’s Guide to Hashtag Etiquette

by Bill Faeth, Inbound Marketing:

Hashtags could be called the most powerful kindergartner on the internet.Since approximately 2007, these grouped keywords, defined with a pound sign, allow Twitter users to easily join conversations and sift through the abundance of available content.
Due to the incredibly recent nature of this development, even experienced Twitter users are often mystified by the unspoken etiquette of how to use hashtags. Avoid appearing insensitive or insincere by adopting best practices for how to use hashtagsWrite First, Tag Second Twitter is defined as a micro-blogging platform. Keep this technical definition in mind as you strive to produce original, innovative content. Tweets which a written as a vehicle for industry-related hashtags have little value for follower engagement. Write your tweet first and add hashtags second in order to ensure each of the 140 characters packs the maximum punch. If you are wondering how to use hashtags, remember to enhance the tweet, not define it… Read more

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