In a social media firestorm, do only the fans matter?

By Jesse Stanchak, smartblogs:

This week we asked, Do you agree with Chris Rock that social media controversies only matter when “fans” get involved? The results:

  • Yes 56.25%
  • No 43.75%

More than half of SmartBrief on Social Media readers agreed with Rock’s position that social media is really all about your most loyal fans — and his insistence that a social media uproar isn’t a cause for concern unless its coming from one’s fan base.

I think Rock’s strategy is technically correct in the short term. But he takes a narrow view that’s not going to work for everyone. There are three ways in which the only-the-true-fans-matter approach falls short over time:

You have more than one kind of fan. The more a person loves something, the more they’re willing to overlook. Your most loyal fans may loudly defend you if you do… Read more


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