Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012 2013


Do you play the lottery?

Well, the people who do, generally think of the lottery as a sudden wealth generator. It’s not. For something to be a generator, it’s got to yield wide spread production.

Under that premise, the greatest sudden wealth generator is disruptive technology. But it’s also the greatest sudden poverty generator.

Whether that disruptive technology is a sudden change in political technology such as a regime change that left the Romanov’s executed, or it’s mega pixel digital cameras that killed Kodak, it created rapid and wide spread changing of hands of power and wealth. All the power was transferred to the Bolsheviks and Flickr. When Dave Winer invented his disruptive technology: the web-log, and Steve Jobs invented the iPad, monolithic behemoths toppled like your Jenga tower at the end of a Martini party… Read more


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