Stuck With B2B Marketing? The Complete In-Depth Guide To Linkedin


LinkedIn is a stalwart of the social networking scene, yet it often suffers from a lack of limelight around younger, sexier upstarts. Pretty much everyone you meet in the ‘professional’ world will have a LinkedIn profile. The only problem is that many don’t actually know how to use it or make the most of different features available. Of course, you will only get out of it what you put in and there are some great examples of how LinkedIn can be used for business in ways you might not imagine.

How about raising investment for your new business, purely through LinkedIn? Also, businesses are just starting to take more notice of LinkedIn, as it opens the platform to allow for campaigns and apps to run more effectively. Add to that the fact that LinkedIn has an ad marketplace that runs in the same way as Facebook’s and that it’s working more on strategic partnerships, such as their recent addition to the new Microsoft Office and already you have numerous reasons to start using it to your advantage, if you aren’t already… Read more


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