Social media scores could be the new credit score

By abc2 news:

Could your online activity determine whether you get a job, a mortgage or even a date?  Experts say it’s already happening.

It works just like a credit score and gives you a rank. Imagine someone handing over the keys to a luxury automobile for the weekend with no strings attached, or a resort offering you a room absolutely free!

That’s exactly what happened to Mom Blogger Leah Segedie.  All because of her high social media score.

She says, “They came to me which is really cool ’cause, you know, i wasn’t looking for it.  They just found me.”

You probably don’t know it.  But your online popularity is being ranked by websites like klout and kred.

You even have a number.  The higher your number, the more influence you have online, and the more appealing you are to marketers… Read more


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