25 signs you work in social media

By Kevin J. Allen, ragan.com:

There are plenty of signs that you are addicted to social media. But for some of us, it goes beyond addiction—it’s our very livelihood. For social media managers, specialists, coordinators, and other social media-related job-title holders, I wanted a list that spoke to our shared experience.

So I tapped some of my brilliant colleagues for help coming up with these signs that you work in social media:

1. You go out for drinks with your co-workers and spend the first 10 minutes looking at your phone to check how your brands’ posts are faring.

2. You’ve sent an all-company email asking everyone to follow or “like” your client.

3. You find yourself excited when one of the “stars” of “Sixteen and Pregnant” retweets your content to her legions of followers… Read more


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