Should I Outsource My Social Media?

By Mike Huber, Vertical Measures:

Many businesses are considering using social media to build their brand awareness and authority for their websites. They’re also looking at their internal resources in trying to decide if they can mount a full-on campaign. So, we’re often asked question, “Should I outsource my social media?”

Well, in order to answer this question the first thing you want to do is look at your products and services and try to determine which are the most appropriate social media channels. Once you do that, then you want to try to consider what content and frequency will I need to be able to the effective? With that content, is it just going to be writing? Is it going to be video? Are you going to create images? Do you need coding for contests?

So, do I have the internal resources to create and maintain the campaign? Many companies feel reluctant to turn over their social media marketing to
someone who has a limited knowledge of their company and/or their products and services. They balance that with the limited resources that they have internally…. Read more


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