Social media shift in business

By Julian Lee,

AS YET another large company feels the heat from social media, marketers are weighing up whether the benefits of being on Facebook outweigh the risks.

Coles, Qantas, Channel Seven and now Target have all been subjected to widespread criticism that began and then snowballed on their Facebook pages.

The social media campaign against Target started with a single complaint over the weekend from mother Ana Amini that the retailer sells clothing that makes young girls ”look like tramps”.

The Port Macquarie primary school teacher’s Facebook post has since attracted more than 59,000 ”likes” and almost 3000 comments.

Last week a landmark ruling threw the responsibility for monitoring the thousands of comments posted on corporate Facebook pages back to companies, which now have to ensure posts are not racist, sexist or inaccurate.

Marketers must be forgiven for asking, why are we here in the first place?

Because they can’t afford not to be, say experts who have detected a shift in the way that companies are handling the social networking behemoth… Read more


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