Inbound Marketing: 5 Ways to Create an Awesome Online Video Strategy

By Scott Steinberg, Huffington Post:

Online video consumption continues to explode in popularity, with over 181 million users having viewed nearly 37 billion clips in April 2012, according to comScore. Alone, the top five distribution channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo!’s and Microsoft’s respective networks can provide a powerful platform for branding your business.

However, it bears remembering that the numbers can tell a confusing tale. While several clients we consult with boast online channels featuring seven-figure play counts, many still struggle to crack the six-figure subscriber mark, and still more to define actual ROI from these efforts. Having personally created video programs that have clocked from 5,000 to 1 million-plus views, here’s the dirty secret content creators won’t always tell you. Just because you can attract a significant online audience doesn’t mean it’s simple to mobilize or monetize.

Still, for entrepreneurs looking to successfully brand ventures, or message products and services, short-form film content can be a tremendously cost-effective way to connect with viewers. Here’s what you need to know to craft an effective online video strategy:

Focus on Content, Not Special Effects: While lighting and audio quality must be professional, authenticity and value matter more on the Web than Hollywood-grade production budgets… Read more


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