Facebook Stories: Will They Boost Ad Revenues?

By Kristi Carter, ADOTAS:

When Facebook launched its Facebook Stories website, the response was tentative but promising. After all, Facebook executives reasoned that it would be a great idea to spotlight interesting real stories from real people that would never have the chance of being heard otherwise. In essence, Facebook Stories is Facebook’s attempt to stop the downward spiral of apparent stagnation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t yet have a branded app and has not yet properly transitioned to mobile users.

As a result, Facebook’s core business is slowly losing its web-based users because many are shifting to mobile apps. As such, paid Facebook ads have been steadily decreasing by 2% every single year. Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman says ads are growing slowly, but only in countries like the U.S. According to Ebersman, there has been a 10% increase in active users and overall ads-per-page is increasing. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, reported that this new ad format has already generated 1 million per day in ad revenue. With this in mind, Facebook plans to roll out these human-interest stories in users’ news feeds and members’ daily streams. But will this marketing strategy work… Read more


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