How to Handle a Website Crisis

By Chris Syme, Social Media Today:

Your company website. Some days you can’t live with it—technical glitches, uploading difficulties, error messages. But you definitely can’t live without it. But what if your website had a catastrophic failure? What communication options would you turn to? I posed that question to four crisis experts to find out what they would recommend.

Gerald Baron, author and founder of PIER Systems, a web-based emergency communications system for organizations. Currently, Gerald is a senior advisor at O’Brien’s Response Management and blogs at Crisis Blogger:

When I started selling PIER as a web-based application hosted on external servers in 2000 we ran into unbelievable opposition from IT folks who had concerns about using external hosting in a crisis, especially government agencies. Now, external hosting of an application like that is seen as a tremendous advantage. My first answer is to have an alternative web platform outside of your own IT system so that if you have a catastrophic failure you can rely on the backup web system… Read more


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