Fishing with Social Media

By Byron Martin, Marketing Strategy:

The world of social media to most businesses is like a wilderness of water, it is rough. It’s a fish eat fish world. With real-time customer communication and feedback on social media channels it is one of the most dangerous places to be if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools. Without the right guidance and advice you are sure to fail and return empty handed or with very little return to show for your investment and or efforts. Here is some guidance to fishing in the world of social media.

The Fish of the social media world

Where there is water there you will find fish (the consumer). Fish, the food you (and your business) need in order to live, stay strong and survive. They differ in size, type and their habits play a big role in determining if you will be able to catch them easy or by wasting a lot of effort and personal resources which could have been spent on other more productive survival activities in your efforts to stay alive… Read more


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