8 B2B Email Marketing Tricks of the Trade

By Simms Jenkins , Clickz:

After sharing email best practices for small- and medium-sized businesses, I thought the underrepresented B2B email community deserved a spotlight on it.

B2B (business to business) email marketing doesn’t get nearly the attention as big consumer email programs but it is often where the most innovation is taking place. In a two-part series, I will look at eight ways to make a real impact on the bottom line. After all, that’s what exceptional B2B email programs are all about.

  1. Email subscribers spend more than your other customers. Well, they should. After you leverage email and marketing automation, you hopefully are touching your customers more frequently and in a more strategic fashion. We have helped most of our clients not just get more incremental revenue from email subscribers but measure that. Most CMOs and CFOs really like the measuring part… Read more

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