7 Reasons Why Marketing is Important (Even if You’re Making Money Without It)

By Kerry O’Malley, Marketects:

In the world of manufacturing and industrial business, it’s not uncommon for a company to have achieved annual revenues of $5-10 even $20 million, without ever devoting a certain percentage of their budget to marketing communications.  They may have a brochure; a website; exhibit at a few trade shows each year; maybe even throw out a print ad every once in a while.  They do the bare minimum they feel is expected by potential customers so they can get their foot in the door – literally.  The mind-set is usually that the only real way to build a business is by putting salesmen (or women) in front of prospects. Sadly, some of the people I meet (we’re talking about business owners and marketing executives!) actually don’t see much difference in sales and marketing.  That’s why in manufacturing and industrial companies, you so often see the title “Director of Sales & Marketing” or “VP of Sales & Marketing… Read more


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