Social Media: Through Maslow’s Lens

By Consumer Instinct:

Just recently, one of my friends pointed out an image she saw on Pinterest, made by It depicted the various levels in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and compared it with the different social media that exist today. I find it very interesting to note how human beings’ basic needs can thus be made analogous to social media – the very powerful tool that binds us in ways more than one; the tool that has inadvertently turned into a Need for us humans. We may not realise the fact that social media has taken up a lot of significance in our lives, but it’s true. Imagine a day without Facebook, Twitter and others. What would we do? This constant yearning of the modern day human to stay connected has shaped into an indispensable need in itself.

Before I go ahead, I shall explain in brief what exactly Abraham Maslow proposed… Read more


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