Internet Marketing Basics: Batman’s Dark Knight Guide to Online Sales

By Mike Mintz, Business 2 Community:

Who do you like better: Batman or Superman?

Entrepreneurs and solo marketers are like Batman.

I’m partial to Batman. Don’t get me wrong, as a kid I loved Superman the best: super strength, flying, invincibility, x-ray vision, heat-ray vision, he was the ultimate superhero. As I grew up, however, I learned to appreciate the depth and finesse of Batman. Here was a normal guy, trained to the height of human perfection in his athletic and combat abilities, a master detective and brilliant combat strategist who fought a host of super-psychopaths with often only his wits to save him.

So what does this have to do with marketing basics and selling stuff online?

There are mainly two types of marketers selling online: those working for large organizations with all sorts of powers at their disposal, and entrepreneur style marketers who have less in terms of “powers” but more flexibility and creativity than the big guys. I like to think of the corporate marketers like Superman and entrepreneur marketers like Batman. This post will take a look at how these Dark Knights operate and provide some basic moves to help you kick ass in your own entrepreneurial marketing… Read more



    1. I loved your post, “Leadership 101 With The Dark Knight.” Very insightful too.

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