Is a bad social media presence better than none at all?

By John Stuart, The Guardian:

Social media for charities is a bit like a broken watch. People can’t tell the time by looking at it, but it does serve as a point of reference; at least twice a day it does tell the exact time. Having it is better than not. Photograph: Royalty-Free/CORBIS

Picture two charities. One has a really bad Facebook page and even worse Twitter feed. The other has no social media at all. But which one is better?

This is the issue that a number of smaller charities are struggling with. They know that social media is important, but they hesitate to commit to it. The stumbling block is usually the time that it takes to make social media work but there are many other reasons too.

Some charities have practically no communications to begin with and to them, social media is a major change. For the first time they will need to ask some tough questions about themselves and their stakeholders and think about “selling themselves” through and key messages and content… Read more


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