Failbook: Why your Social Media page is not contributing to your bottom line iLIVE

By Eric Edelstein, Times Live:

– and how to turn it around: “Social is not just a bolt-on marketing channel. It will have true business-wide impact,” says Accenture’s Tech Vision Report for 2012. The impact is already there to see: In the United States, Facebook has become the dominant tool for communication to such an extent that universities have stopped issuing email addresses to their students, and marketers are using sentiment analysis conducted in online forums and Twitter feeds to inform product development

In South Africa, although most enterprises have Facebook pages and Facebook fans, only a few are gaining any measurable business value from them. “It’s past time / way overdue that we apply the same rigour to social media that we use in monitoring web sites”, says Eric Edelstein, CEO of Hits or page impressions may stroke our egos, but unless they’re contributing to the bottom line they serve no purpose… Read more


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