We are slaves to social media

By M.Heathcote, Kipp Report:

Statistics show an explosion of social media users in the Arab world but isn’t it turning us into mindless zombie sheep?

Oh, how we love to celebrate amazing achievements like millions signing up for a mirage of social interaction, aka, Twitter and Facebook. Before you start yelling, yes there are some benefits to millions signing up on these platforms like the Arab Spring ‘freedom’ and finding out what your friends are up to but what are some of the cons of this area?

The world is turning into a sheep rail and we are the sheep. Social media (which includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Blackberry and the list goes on…) is turning us into anti social beings. We have become so obsessed with the latest updates, statuses, emoticons, events and funny (sometimes not so funny) anecdotes that we have forgotten to breathe the real air and talk the real talk… Read more


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