5 Social Media Marketing Myths You Should Understand

By David Murdico, Imedia Connection:

Lots of time, effort and resources are being wasted by businesses, brands and organizations that lack a clear understanding of social media marketing. Too often, in my agency’s experience, we’re seeing social media being treated as a list of boxes to be checked off rather than a powerful way of building awareness, communicating with consumers and ultimately selling more stuff! The sooner we stop believing these five myths the better:

1. Social media marketing is about building relationships with consumers

Consumers don’t want to have a deep, committed relationship with your brand. They’re selfish, and with good reason. It’s their time and money.They want you when they need you, on their terms, not yours. If there is a relationship, it’s one sided. Fans won’t pick your brand up at the airport or bring it soup when it has a cold, unless there’s a chance of winning a prize… Read more


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