Modern-era websites

By Lauren Whitson,

With your initial venture into the online space, you often rely on suggestions for your website design from people you trust, like friends and family — especially when the Internet is an unfamiliar territory.

Brainstorming with others is a great way to broaden perspectives about an online presence for any practice; but there may be new techniques and strategies that are more effective for a website targeted at today’s consumers. Some aspects may be out of your comfort zone, but they use techniques you will likely find familiar. By taking your website mobile, integrating social media, and regularly maintaining its content, you will best position your online presence against competing chiropractors.

Move to mobile

The adoption of smartphones is continuously growing and practices are more obliged than ever to keep up with this trend. According to MobiThinking, a marketing research firm, some 25 percent of consumers search the Web via a mobile device only. This includes those who no longer (or very rarely) use a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer for Internet access.1 Given this backdrop, if the mobile platform is ignored, it is a missed opportunity that can result in a loss of profit… Read more


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